The Light Turns Upon Me

by Oded Liphshitz

Translated by Adi Drori-Avraham and Ariella Eshed
Directed by Eyal Israel

A stylised comedy, written in an absurd style, follows six young people in search for ultimate happiness. Set in one tower block over the course of a single night, we see different couples coming together and breaking up and the dynamic between them. The play examines love and identity in an urban setting where passion, disappointment and hope are all mixed up.

Oded Liphshitz graduated with distinction from directing/writing MA, Tel-Aviv University. He is a teacher and director at the TAU Theatre Dept. As a Playwright, Oded has written several plays, winning prizes in Israel and abroad including at the ‘Tsav Kriaa’ festival, and first prize at the Potchim Bama Festival 2010. Amongst his plays: Perpetuum Mobile, Sonia and Bobek, Tzotzi, The child who’s actually a wheelbarrow, and Lights on Me.

Eyal Israel’s directing includes: A Little Christmas Issue (The Old Vic Tunnels); Jitters (Southwark Playhouse); Stitching: Edinburgh Fringe Festival (C Venues); I Can’t Even Look: 24 Hour Plays (Old Vic Theatre The Memory of Water (Lion and Unicorn Theatre); No Signal (Bike Shed Theatre); The Magic Number (Theatre 503) Heroes Grave: Old Vic New Voices (Old Vic Theatre); Shakespeare in the Streets (Promenade Through Central Liverpool); Serve Tea Then Murder (Tara Arts Studio). Directors Eyal has assisted include; David Cottis; Tamara Harvey; Abigail Anderson and Stella Duffy

Orna Salinger Odelia
Shai Matheson
John Eastmann
Anil Kumar
Isabelle King
Hilary Burns
Robert Bradley
Neusha Milanian