5 Kilo Sugar

by Gur Koren

Translated by Adi Drori-Avraham and Ariella Eshed
Directed by Ariella Eshed

What would you do if your late grandfather started appearing in your life through people you know or randomly meet? This is exactly what happened to Gur Koren. Sent on a mission to change a single fact in a book before it is published, Gur is led on a farcical but ultimately touching journey that begins with sugar smuggling and ends in the bed of a junior lecturer of history.

Gur Koren graduated from the Acting and Directing course at Beit Zvi in 2002. His writing credits include: 5 Kilo Sugar ( 2009 – present, Gesher Theatre, directed by Yevgeny Arye), To shoot in the head (2001, Beit Zvi), Sharon Semo the killer (2002, Hasifriya Theatre), Me and my soul (2004-5, Tmuna Theatre), A play for family day (2010 Tzavta Theatre, part of the festival of short plays).

Shimrit/Prostitute Morag Sims
Gur Koren Nicholas Reubens
Yoad Riva Mark Conway
Beggar  Gil Cohen-Alloro