Looking Forward, Looking Back

A transition project for primary/secondary schools funded by Camden’s Extended Services and supported by Linccs. Held in the spring and summer terms of 2010. The project was devised by Claire Lardner-Burke and Ariella Eshed. The film was created by Luana Di Pasqualla.

The project used storytelling, drama and film to facilitate and support Year 6 pupils from the two schools in a creative and meaningful exploration of their transition into secondary school within the larger context of ‘Transition’ as a whole. It also provided opportunities for parents to be involved in the process and to create a bridge or communication between the parents and the children about their coming transition. The whole project was documented in a DVD which was shown at a final event at Haverstock School near the end of the summer term in July to share and celebrate this journey taken by the pupils, with families and staff.