About Us

Tik-sho-ret was established in 2005 by Ariella Eshed. After some years of directing and presenting Israeli theatre in the UK and creating projects around communication and cultural exchange, Tik-sho-ret was established as an umbrella to all these projects.

Tik-sho-ret (meaning in Hebrew “communication”) aims to:

  • Promote Israeli and Jewish theatre.
  • Encourage collaborations through cultural and artistic exchange.
  • Create educational and community-based projects around themes of communication and co-existence.

The company’s work to date includes:

Readings and playreadings events:

  • ‘Lifgosh: New Israeli and British writing’ Tik-sho-ret and Sheer Drop Theatre companies presented extracts from four new works by British and Israeli playwrights at the New Diorama Theatre in 2013.
  • New Writing from Israel:Extracts from 5 plays highlights the eclectic mix of some of the best Israeli playwrights, presented for time to UK audience. Presented at Tristan Bates Theatre in 2012.
  • Contemporary Writing from Israel at Hampstead Theatre; A series of readings highlighting different aspects of Israeli culture, with a post show discussion about the themes raised in the plays. Organised in collaboration with Spiro Ark. The plays included; – Hard Love by Motti Lerner (2005)- Yaakobi and Leidental by Hanoch Levin (2006)- I am Speaking to you in Chinese by Savyon Liebrecht (2008)
  • Voices From Israel:A playreading event as part of Soho New Writing Festival 2002.The plays included:– Strangers by Joshua Sobol- Cooper by Yosef Bar-Yosef
  • The Scapegoat, a new play by Deborah Freeman was presented as a reading at the Jewish museum in February 2013. Extracts form it were presented at Tate Britain as part of ‘Late and Tate’ event in December 2012.

Full productions:

  • Ya’akobi and Leidental by Hanoch Levin

Other Israeli and Jewish plays directed by Ariella Eshed:

  • General Shwartzpoot Hunts Pink Tigers in the Sahara Desert by Yosef Mundi
  • The Bride and The Butterfly Hunter by Nissim Aloni
  • A Love Story with no End by Savyon Liebrecht
  • Kindertransport by Diane Samuels

Devised projects:

  • Mum, me by Hannah Burke
    A project that was devised at the Actors centre with a company of actresses presented as part of Midnight Matinee at the Tristan Bates Theatre, February 2009.
  • On the Cusp by Adi Lerer
    A one woman show directed and performed by Adi Lerer Supported by Tik-sho-ret. Presented as part of the Camden Fringe Festival, 2009.

Education projects:

  • Culture and Identities workshops
    A series of educational workshops held in conjuction with the Identities photographic exhibition at the London Jewish Museum in July 2006.
  • Looking Forward, Looking Back
    A transition project for primary/secondary schools in Camden, funded by Camden Extended Services, 2010.